Rec'Repair Skid Plates

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Rec’Repair provides the premiere skid plate solution for all kinds of watercraft. The skid plates can be customized by the manufacturer or boat owner to any boat style and mold around any bow or stern angle. Made with a shape memory composite material and adhered with a strong peel and stick adhesive, Rec’Repair skid plates harden in seconds to form a protective layer, taking the abuse and extending the life of the craft.

skid plates

Rec’Repair skid plates are designed to fit and protect any boat hull and prolong the life of the craft. Rec’Repair is a composite material that is rigid at normal operating temperatures, but when heated it becomes soft and pliable and can be easily molded to shape before adhering it to the boat keel.

skid on canoe

RecíRepair skid plates protect boats of all styles and materials:



RecíRepair skid plates surpass conventional skid plates by offering:

In only minutes, RecíRepair skid plates can be heated, trimmed, and molded to any keel profile. They can be customized by professional outfitters and amateur boaters alike for a streamlined, perfect fit on any boat.