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A Revolutionary Repair Solution

Don’t let damaged equipment put an end to your fun. Rec’Repair® is a tough, formable patch that excels in repairing holes and damage to kayaks, canoes, wave runners, car top carriers, coolers, ATV's, off road motorcycles, RV's and more. It’s as simple as heat, peel, and apply.

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This patent pending composite patch can be used to repair just about anything.  The unique property of the patch is that the material is rigid at room temperature.  When heated, the material becomes very pliable, like tape, which allows the user to conform the material to repair any shape.

Unlike tape, the patch becomes rigid after it’s shaped and then cooled, creating a durable, water-resistant, structural repair that won’t crumble or peel off.


Rec’Repair is available in variety of single patch sizes or as an “Emergency Kit” that contains several patches, heater pouch, gloves, and alcohol wipes; everything you need to effectively make a repair away from home.

Volume discounts and custom-sized repair sheets are also available.